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Solutions for Workplace Substance & Alcohol Misuse / Abuse

Hall & Angus take a different approach to your workplace substance and alcohol misuse / abuse issues. We firmly believe that by training managers and educating staff about the complicated subject of substance and alcohol misuse / abuse it will ultimately make the testing of an individual a last resort as opposed to a first resort.

Our workplace training packages are also a fantastic skill for life that can be used in employee’s home lives, their communities as well as their work environments.

Because of the correlation of substance misuse / abuse to criminality you can be assured we will support testing and other countermeasures when required, proportionate to the circumstances and in-line with our robust policy writing bespoke to your workplace / sector needs.

In order to achieve these goals for your company we provide:

  • A defensible policy constantly monitored and modified in line with scientific and legal precedence
  • Fully trained CPD accredited personnel who are kept up to-date with significant changes that impact the company programme
  • A range of analytical laboratories that are challenged to meet the Service Level Agreement we write for you and penalty clauses when they fail to deliver on the SLA or KPI’s set
  • Intelligent monitoring of your results to identify red flag areas or hot spots by drug misused, location and shift
  • Competitively priced analytical equipment, proven to work under a variety of circumstances, regulations and compliance supported by recalibration where required
  • A dedicated ecommerce support package that allow 24/7 access to your chosen test mediums as required
  • A comprehensive risk assessment and independent investigation capability

Workplace Substance & Alcohol Misuse / Abuse Training Packages

These CPD Accredited packages take into account the clients business or site specific activity resulting from the original risk assessment of the business.

Workplace Substance & Alcohol Misuse / Abuse Policy Writing & Implementation

Policy development, writing & implementation is the governance of the company Substance Misuse / Abuse programme.

Workplace Substance & Alcohol Misuse / Abuse Project Management

Whether your business has one or multiple locations, national or international we will project manage your complete Substance Misuse / Abuse programme.

Test Equipment & Analytical Services

The selection of sample collection equipment to be used in any substance & alcohol misuse package is critical for a robust & defensible programme.

Commercial Investigations & Risk Assessments

The important area of investigations has a number of necessities not least of all the need to have a start to finish management capacity.