Commercial Investigation Bureau

Providing experienced investigation services, meeting your Company needs, where you require independent investigations.

Commercial Investigation Bureau

The Commercial Investigation Bureau Ltd (CIB) provides experienced ad-hoc or retained investigation services to companies having a need for independent investigations into the the full range of:

  • Criminal and Civil Legislation breaches by employees or companies
  • Health and Safety Investigations / Audits
  • Forensic Financial Investigations
  • Money Laundering Investigations / Policies
  • Bribery and Corruption Investigations / Policies
  • Due Diligence and Takeover Investigations
  • Liquidation / Administration Investigation Support
  • Comprehensive Risk Audits
  • Profit Protection and Security Protocols
  • Undercover and other covert services within Commerce and Industry
  • Private Prosecutions against those employees or other perpetrators’ who cause loss or harm to a Corporate Body or Commercial Enterprise

The CIB will gather and present all evidence and reports to the highest standard in each of its service offerings, whether the burden of proof required is ‘Beyond all Reasonable Doubt’ or ‘In the Balance of Probability’.

We can engage our solicitors on your behalf or work with your legal provision in the prosecution of evidence gathered to protect your business.

A Workplace MSc qualification is being provided out of the Hall and Angus Workplace Academy (H&A-WA), this qualification will be unique, qualifying Corporate and Commercial Investigators on a global platform.