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Test Equipment & Analytical Services

The selection of sample collection equipment to be used in any Substance & Alcohol Misuse / Abuse Package is critical for a robust & defensible programme. In support of the test equipment there is a need for companies to understand what the limitations of each test matrix are (hair, urine, saliva & breath) and what the analytical laboratories can do.

At Hall & Angus we work closely with our prequalified analytical providers on your behalf. We know their analytical processes and equipment, we know their margins and accreditations. We only use UKAS or FDA accredited laboratories. We will identify and write for you a laboratory service level agreement (SLA) to identify the issues that are important to your operation, such as sample: turnaround times, priority services, minimum standard toxicology reporting, expert witness support and more. We will set key performance indicators (KPI’s) and use intelligent sample analysis programmes to red flag problems that show recurring substance and alcohol misuse / abuse issues by drug, location, shift or trade. We will then provide proactive countermeasures to remove these problems from your workplace.

The testing aspect of a company's Substance & Alcohol Misuse / Abuse Programme represents approximately 10-20% of the overall package. While testing is a very important area with no room for mediocrity it is important for clients to understand the parameters of all aspects of laboratory support. The major part of any substance and alcohol misuse / abuse programme is everything that is put in place before testing begins.

There are nuances with each type of test matrix used, these include

  • The windows of detection by drug compound in each matrix
  • With regard to Urine the volume and PH content of the urine
  • Why there is a need to have access to all windows of detection e.g. narrow window 2-5 days, wide window 7-90+ days
  • Instant breath test devices
  • Back to laboratory devices for each matrix as well as options across each matrix for a range of drug compounds and alcohol compounds
  • The cross reactivity compounds required to be found in certain drug groups

H&A will help those who are charged with the control and custody of the company substance and alcohol misuse / abuse programme make qualified and appropriate decisions as to what they can achieve from test equipment and laboratory support.

Types of test equipment available from H&A:

  • Instant Oral Fluid devices, various panels available
  • Instant Urine devices, various panels available
  • Single compound cassettes, various compounds available
  • Back to laboratory Oral Fluid devices, drug compound(s) as required by client
  • Back to laboratory Urine devices, drug compound(s) as required by client
  • Hair analysis packages, panel as required by client, can include alcohol & DNA
  • Various breath test devices for alcohol for commercial or personal use
  • Various breath test devices for installation onto vehicle ignitions and other applications
  • Single compound device for alcohol in Urine (4 day detection depending on volume used)
  • Rapid response services from laboratories
  • 7 day services from laboratories

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