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Commercial Investigation and Risk Assessments

The important area of investigations has a number of necessities not least, the need to have a start to finish management capacity allowing our clients to conduct their day to day business operations without serious disruption. Investigations can be managed in a variety of ways and may need to be supported by one or more of the following:

  • Experienced and Professional Investigators working individually, as teams or as support to in-house investigative / profit protection operations
  • Independent investigations with unbiased and impartial reporting
  • Fraud, theft, loss prevention-detection-recovery
  • Brand Protection / Counterfeit product investigations / Product diversion countermeasures / Black & Grey market activity
  • Corporate and commercial bribery and kick-back investigations
  • Investigating and mitigating organized crime infiltration nationally and internationally
  • Anti-money laundering protocols
  • Absenteeism & Fraudulent Compensation claims
  • Physical and electronic surveillance
  • Criminal and Civil interviews
  • Support to criminal or industrial tribunals
  • Comprehensive reporting of evidence gathering before, during and post investigation
  • The ability to respond with multiple investigative personnel to single or multiple locations
  • Liaison with Police or regulatory bodies when necessary
  • Legal support and representation throughout all high profile investigations
  • Response Nationally and Internationally

Risk Assessments

The risk assessment / profit protection of any client’s business activity is essential in developing support, trust and guidance to Company Directors, Procurement departments, Health & Safety operations, Personnel departments and Heads of Departments. Before any solutions can be effectively provided and strategies developed it is essential to assess and report on areas such as:

  • Risk exposure in existing physical security protection
  • Risk exposure in existing electronic security protection
  • Identifying risk exposure in operational or policy weaknesses in business activity across all departments including interaction of personnel and electronic inventory systems
  • Independent examination of procedures around goods in / out / returned / zero rated, perpetual product inventory (PPI) activity and more
  • Conducting external audits on third party suppliers
  • Conducting external audits on clients for exposure and contract compliance activity
  • In depth examination of working practices
  • Identifying the impact of external pressures on individual departments due to supply chain and client activities / practices
  • The creation of a minimum standards packages for security related services, equipment and procurement ventures
  • Development of discrepancy reports with proactive fast track response strategies
  • Exposure to local organized crime and in-house opportunist crime
  • Exposure to national and international organized crime infiltration
  • Compliance with international trade laws and money laundering protocols

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