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"The Hall and Angus full day workplace workshop on Substance & Alcohol Misuse was excellent, more so because of the 7hrs CPD certificate I received. Very interesting and very engaging, I have learnt a huge amount. Every teacher should go through this course".
(Senior, School Teacher)

"I am much more confident carrying out testing and managing our company substance misuse programme. The course answered all of my questions and more. The training was excellent".
(HSQE Administrator)

"I was asked on my CPD evaluation sheet which part of the course was most beneficial to me and I have to say it could only be ALL of it, there was nothing missing and more to the subject than I ever thought was possible. Excellent".
(Operations Manager)

"My concern was how do deal with issues around substance and alcohol misuse. Every aspect of the course made me more confident and positive moving forward. Very Good".
(Area Manager)

"The most beneficial part of the course for me was the depth of practical and theory covered, it gives me a lot of confidence to deal with drug and alcohol issues. Excellent".
(Senior Supervisor)

"This workplace workshop for substance & alcohol management and awareness was very good. It’s completely raised my awareness and all of the course content was spot on".
(Senior Supervisor)

"Very Good course. It will help me manage employees and situations with much more confidence and knowledge. The course was very engaging and very well delivered with a lot of experience".

"Taking the exams after each of the three modules I found very practical. The course was good and gave clarity to why we impose a policy".
(HR Manager)

"Excellent course, this will definitely help me better manage and monitor my staff. All of the content was very relevant and well presented. The training packs I came away with are excellent".
(Contracts Manager)

"Very good course, especially examining the company policy & procedures when undertaking testing. I have an increased knowledge of compliance and dealing with positive samples. The course met all of my expectations and more".
(Contracts Manager)

"Our company completed the Hall & Angus CPD accredited workshop training program in Workplace Substance Misuse. The course was not only informative and evidence driven, but was confidence inspiring. I returned to my company knowing that I have gained the knowledge and techniques required to implement a robust change within my working policies. I anticipate both monetary returns, and a culture of support for employees that this new approach will foster. This really does set my company apart from the others".
(HSQE Manager – Global H & S)

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