TOX247 Ltd

TOX247 provides clients with the benefit of its in-house provision of a fully qualified toxicologist, providing expert opinion and analysis of toxicology reports.

TOX247 supply non-evidential and evidential test kits for application within our bespoke Substance Misuse Management Programme (SMMP) and  Substance and Alcohol Misuse Policy (SAMP).

TOX247 Ltd

With decades of experience in drug analysis, criminal law and investigation our team is fully equipped to deal with all aspects of substance management in the workplace. TOX247 has the only registered expert witness in policy writing and mediation working alongside our in-house toxicologist to provide the highest quality of service into your business. 

TOX247 Ltd provides its own brand of non-evidential (Due Dilligence Devices) and evidential test kits and Sample Collection Consent Forms (SCCF) for application within our bespoke SMMP and SAMP protocols. The priority test mediums being:

  • Breath Alcohol
  • Oral Fluid, Instant and Evidential Back to Laboratory (Narrow Window, 0 – 48 hours)
  • Urine, Instant and Evidential Back to Laboratory (Narrow Window, 0 – 48 hours)
  • Cut Head and Body Hair and Nail Clippings (Wide Window, 90+ days)
  • Workplace specific, fully equipped TOXBOX – Hair and Nail, Saliva and Urine for evidential Analysis

TOX247 Ltd analytical service provision is via UKAS 17025 accredited laboratories for all Wide and Narrow Window test mediums. Our laboratories provide enhanced workplace turn around times and the need for rapid response reporting, limiting the need for unnecessary full pay suspension.

 TOX247 provides:

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Experienced Toxicology opinion
  • Evidence Sample Control documentation and packaging (chain of custody)
  • Bespoke consent forms
  • The TOXBOX for all your evidential testing needs
  • Fully equipped Substance Misuse Sea Chests (SMSC) for the maritime industry
  • Substance Misuse Test Boxes (SMTB), a mobile solution for those sectors that need it in remote locations or ad-hoc scenarios

TOX247 is engaged in challenging Substance Misuse Management protocols through the provision of written papers, journals and magazine articles that enhance existing approaches to Workplace Substance Misuse Management, many derived from the H&A projects such as Formula-9-plus, Schools Education Cards and others.