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Hall & Angus Ltd (H&A) provides for the total management of a client’s substance & alcohol misuse / abuse programme by delivering years of experience in the subject and applying it to your business activity with your cooperation. We will guide you and your team through every avenue of the complex subject of Workplace Substance and Alcohol Misuse / Abuse so that a legally defensible, cost efficient programme is provided for your benefit, the benefit of your employees and their families.

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The H&A Guide for Your Workplace Substance & Alcohol Countermeasures

H&A have reviewed a great many workplace substance misuse policies and never yet found a policy that is fit for purpose with many not legally defensible. It makes no difference if the policy was written by HR, H&S, Legal or Occupational Health, all have lacked the basic needs of a policy and many policies were referred to as the substance misuse programme, which they are not. Contact H&A for your free Policy review.

A programme is not a policy nor is a policy a programme. The Programme is the manner by which you build your company governance around: Test Mediums & Equipment to be used, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to be applied, General Information (GI) and other documents to be applied to T&C’s of employment and much more that may be sector or contract specific.

A Policy highlights guidelines and the company stance on the subject of Substance and Alcohol Misuse / Countermeasures. The policy further identifies the consequences to those individuals who do not comply with those guidelines. It is the policy you need to defend in litigation, which is why it must be concise and not too verbose or too brief it cannot be defended.

A Programme is the package by which the company will test and or manage test procedures, provide general information and access to and employee assistance programme, produce generic forms which are company specific and much more.

At H&A, our pre-qualified laboratories have a maximum sample turn around period of 3 working days from receipt at the lab, with many results being provided within 48 hours. Negative results are often reported with 24 hours. The cost for confirming a drug Group is £25.

There is a significant on-cost to companies who have staff suspended while waiting for a toxicology report. Even minimum wage means an on-cost of around £80 per day per employee suspended. If your laboratory is taking 10 days to turn positive sample results around, that is costing you an additional £800 per test / employee over and above the cost of test and the laboratory analysis. Using H&A labs your maximum on-cost for a positive report is £240 therefore providing a saving of £560 - £640 on your current provision per employee testing positive.

H&A reviews of client policies have found many situations where legal advice has been completely wrong and a challenge to the process at tribunal would have cost the client a significant sum of money. Until you have a report from the laboratory you cannot take any affirmative action. A Point of Care test device (instant result) is only a screening device with different cut-offs to laboratory equipment, which is much more sensitive and definitive.

A breath test device is only a screening device and should not be used as a tool for dismissal unless it is supported by a back to laboratory urine sample which will report the exact urine alcohol concentration.

Many companies start a process from the screening device, the only action that can be taken is the suspension or relocation of the employee to a lower risk position until the laboratory result is available.

If the lab sample is lost the window of disciplinary is lost when referring to Urine or Saliva, you can however revert to a hair analysis in support of the preceding issue.

It is important that managers at all levels have a firm grasp of how testing works, when it does not work, what to do if a sample is proved positive, how to manage the employee and a wider remit of knowledge by which to apply and manage the policy and the programme within the company’s governance on such issues.

Substance misuse whether it is illegal substances or the illegal use of legal substances has a great many ramifications under criminal and civil legislations to the company, its managers and its employees. At H&A we provide CPD accredited courses to protect company and employees against litigation and ensure the policy is both fair and legally applied.

At H&A we have a properly documented and managed EAP process which is built into the company Substance Misuse Programme cross referenced to the Policy and T&C’s of Employment. If an employee comes to their employer to self-refer a problem they cannot be dismissed, no matter what the problem, they must be managed.

Regarding substance & alcohol misuse and its correlation to mental health & physical wellbeing H&A have an EAP that examines and identifies an employee’s treatment history, any unmet needs, a treatment profile and most importantly a treatment outcome.

There is a need for an employee to consent to sign into the programme which has: exclusion, inclusion and removal criteria. Each of these criteria can have the company disciplinary procedure applied in a number of circumstances.

  • An instant Urine test device with MHRA governance?
  • An Instant Saliva / Oral Fluid device with MHRA governance?
  • A postage paid back to lab Urine collection device?
  • A postage paid back to lab Saliva collection device?
  • Confirmation toxicology report per drug group?
  • A selectable hair analysis provision 7 to 9 drug groups?
    £75.00 7 - Panel; £95.00 9 - Panel
  • Finger nail clipping analysis provision?
    As hair above
  • A breath test device?
    £495.00 Home Office Type approved without printer. With printer £695.00.
    Non-Home office digital type workplace £150.00. Personal use £59.00.

H&A use only UKAS 17025 accredited laboratories who comply with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which we monitor on behalf of clients. It is important that the laboratories engage in the provision of up-to-date analytical countermeasures whether it’s for workplace or healthcare application.

H&A has a full corporate investigative capacity for all forms of criminality whether nationally or globally. This particularaly applies to the infiltration of opportunist or organised crime into the workplace or local community.

At H&A we use the expert witness provision of our toxicology providers. In support of that H&A is a registered expert witness in the areas of Policy Writing and Implementation of a Policy.

  • Our Substance & Alcohol Misuse / Abuse Services are quantifiable against budget allocation and will reflect a significant return on investment (ROI).
  • We are Change Management Specialists that have a specific talent with the ability to work within your organisation with the least disruption to your business activities.
  • We listen, consult and then act quickly and professionally.
  • We are able to completely project manage your requirements across multiple supply chains under a single point of contact from a position of exceptional knowledge, determination, passion and professionalism.
  • Our services as well as those of your existing providers are constantly monitored and modified under a range of SLAs and KPIs.
  • We provide the most appropriate equipment for your needs taking into account your company compliance & governance issues.
  • Your senior staff are subsequently free to go about their specific job descriptions or roles with minimal impact to your business.
  • We have a pragmatic and innovative approach to problem solving.
  • We provide an independent investigative / risk management service to manage out criminal activity on or away from company premises unhindered by geographic boundaries.
  • Our vision is to be the recognised provider of choice for those affected by workplace substance & alcohol misuse / abuse and its correlation to criminal activity while setting standards for others to follow.
  • Our mission is to help companies and people who require a professional service provider best qualified to deliver substance & alcohol misuse / abuse solutions in the workplace.

There are a variety of ways to engage any of our services, such as:

  • Contract, agreed terms.
  • Retained in whole or in part.
  • Ad-Hoc.

Our expertise will help guide you through, in this case, Commercial Issues such as:

Your business is our business - our services may already be part of your business, we just do it better – quicker – and more cost effectively. Our aim is to assist you in becoming or maintaining the position of being an Employer of Choice attracting a Higher Calibre of Employee into a Safer & Profitable Working Environment, free from the fear of intimidation.

  • Write you a legally defensible and bespoke policy which will be reviewed on a regular basis and amended as and when scientific or legal developments require.
  • Help you identify a programme implementation team from within your company, we will work directly with and train them, they will take part in the final draft of your bespoke policy.
  • Together we will manage all aspects of a mandatory amnesty period for the implementation of your bespoke programme for a dedicated start date and beyond.
  • The amnesty period is essential to allow those with an issue to confidentially self-refer and ensure the legal status of workplace testing protocols.
  • The amnesty period is also critical to identifying statutory requirements of existing and new start staff by the implementation of a variety of admissions into personnel records under the guidance of HR.

Note: the implementation team should be a selection of key staff across multiple disciplines and departments and should include Union or Works Council representatives where appropriate.

  • Design and deliver, using our pre-qualified specialist providers, a comprehensive employee assistance programme (EAP). The EAP is critical to the amnesty period and beyond. It allows for and manages the confidential self-referral programme interventions for those employees who are struggling with a dependency or who for whatever reason become dependent on or misuse / abuse Illegal substances, legally prescribed medications, prescribed medications used illegally, self-medication / over the counter substances, black market substances including psychoactive substances (synthetic drugs manufactured to mimic the effects of illegal substance and are not fit for human consumption). The EAP sits firmly with the governments “Fit for Work Initiative” which allows a company to assess its employee’s fitness for work with a tax exemption allowance under certain circumstances.
  • Provide from our five CPD Accredited Training Programmes (See Training Section) a package tailored to your needs.
  • Ethically procure, on your behalf, the very best sample collection devices that have achieved all clinical and regulatory accreditations for the collection of Urine, Saliva, Hair and Breath test devices. We have already identified those collection devices that we at H&A are happy to recommend as part of our service provision.
  • Examine your workplace culture to identify the real issues within your workplace, we will manage out the negatives and enhance the positives. We will provide poster campaigns and print employee pamphlets, and more.
  • Intelligently manage your toxicology reporting processes to identify drug hotspots by location, shift or profession. We will also monitor and advise on local drug & crime trends by direct liaison with surrounding Police Services as well as appropriate clinical and intelligence bodies.
  • Provide you with independent internal investigations into substance & alcohol misuse / abuse and its association with workplace criminality that may impact your business on or away from your facilities
  • Have a comprehensive and robust substance misuse / abuse policy under constant review with total management support.
  • Have a legally defensible programme with a fast track methodology to change direction under given circumstances, new drugs / tests to the market, scientific developments and expert witness support.
  • Have staff who can control and manage your programme with confidence and integrity.
  • Have access to the support services of H&A and its partners under a single point of contact and invoice.
  • Have a safer and more harmonious working environment where you will be an employer / contractor of choice able to attract a higher calibre of employee.
  • Be able to present your company to tender for higher health awards having established a robust, defensible substance & alcohol misuse / abuse programme.
  • By providing a fairer representation of your Company Substance and Alcohol Misuse / Abuse programme be able to approach your insurer for premium reductions.
  • Have in H&A, a company who will work with you over the years on a proactive and reactive basis.
  • Have a business partner dedicated to your success by enhanced services that are not a perceived on-cost but a quantifiable cost saving

For more information about our services please contact us.