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Our team of experts

Hall & Angus recruit the best in their field to create a total problem solving package to deliver into all business types. The combination of toxicology expertise, criminality and education provides a bespoke programme into the market, which has yet to be riveled.

The incredible education courses that have been written by the experts have supporting literature written by Trevor Hall who is a globally published author, having written a comprehensive book titled “Managing Workplace Substance Misuse (A Guide for Professionals)”. This publication preceeds a further 12 books in the series which, are soon to follow, published by Routledge’s (Taylor & Francis), the world’s largest publisher of academic books. 

The series of books will be a significant part of the essential reading for all TOX247 Workplace Academy qualifications.

Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall

Group Executive Chairman and Chief Operations Officer

Gordon Angus - BSc(HONS), FCIB

Gordon Angus - BSc(HONS), FCIB

Group Chief Executive and Financial Officer

Jayne Hepple BSc (HONS), MSc, MRSC

Jayne Hepple BSc (HONS), MSc, MRSC

CEO of TOX247 Ltd

Trevor Hall – Only registered ‘Expert Witness’ for ‘Policy Writing, Mediation and Implementation’ in the UK. Trevor’s unique and extensive knowledge of drug, alcohol, substance misuse combined with investigative solutions to all forms of criminality Nationally and Internationally resulted in the development of Hall & Angus Ltd specifically targeted at Workplace Substance and Alcohol Misuse solutions. 

Gordon’s vast Commercial Experience comes from a wide variety of roles in different organisations across the UK including 23 years in Financial Services. This centred around Leadership, Change Management, Customer Service and Sales across the UK.

Created for You

The Hall and Angus group of companies, projects and initiatives are derived from immense experience and demand, in what is a very complicated and often mismanaged subject. Our business operations are forging a diverse and confidential client portfolio, ranging from multi-billion turnover corporations on a global stage to regional SME’s who all need the same level of protection and expert advice.

Hall and Angus operate and have diverse experience across most sectors including, renewable energy, the maritime industry, heavy engineering, logistics and distribution, aviation, construction, manufacturing and the food and drink industry. We are trusted and support global insurance providers. 

Our high client retention rate stems from partnering with you in your business, providing excellent added value and experience. We are able to demonstrate our unique and successful approach to the benefit of your business.  Our trusted services are provided under a single point of contact and invoice.