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Workplace Substance and Alcohol Misuse / Abuse Policy Writing and & Implementation

Bespoke Policy Writing / Review / Updating

Policy development, modification, writing & implementation is the governance of the company Substance & Alcohol Misuse (SAM) Programme. The manner by which the company implements its policy reflects the company’s approach to such matters. All too often the company policy and associated documents are written by those with no scientific, legal or clinical background, knowledge of each is critical to the company’s defensible response and procedural development / compliance. The company policy must be constructed and delivered in such a way that employees and contractors have confidence in the company to not only have a robust programme but also the flexibility to respond professionally to a wide range of circumstances.

All too often the ramifications of the company Substance & Alcohol Misuse / Abuse Programme are not referred to in employment T&C’s, resulting in complication and employment tribunal or litigation issues.

All too often Substance & Alcohol Misuse / Abuse Policies are adapted from off the shelf programmes or the brevity of visits from Substance & Alcohol Misuse / Abuse suppliers deferring to best practice of another company, not always with the same business profile or expectations.

All too often a company’s policy is too brief and cannot be defended or alternatively too verbose often referencing acts & sections of civil & criminal litigation that continue to be debated with the legal profession and in relevant courts.

H&A will risk assess its clients business (details of which are outlined in the risk assessment section) & on submission of a comprehensive report our clients will:

  • Be able to make a considered decision based on the factual contents of the report and the risk exposure / mitigation options reported upon
  • Be able to assess the reported workplace culture and respond to the negatives while enhancing the positives to generate poster and other workplace initiatives more focused to company and industry specific scenarios.
  • Be able to expand a policy template into a bespoke modular package dedicated to your business activity and company ethos.
  • Be able to expand substantially or design a specific policy management philosophy with associated operational documents supported by a CPD accredited comprehensive training package.
  • Be able to apply policy entries to T&C’s of employment where statute or sensible practice demands.
  • Be able to demonstrate to employee's, contractors and visitors the company stance with regard to drug & alcohol aisuse / abuse, its impact to the workplace and its correlation to criminal activity.
  • Be able to provide a concise and defensible policy, constantly monitored in line with events that occur within your business, and updated after new legislation or scientific developments come to notice.
  • Be able to apply structured incentives for business health and other industry awards.
  • Be able to show that staff understand that the policy is introduced under Health & Safety requirement but administered by HR.

SAM Policy Implementation

Once a company has decided to pursue a Substance & Alcohol Misuse / Abuse Programme there is a need for it to be project managed and structured from a point of construction through to an achievable start date and beyond. Policy implementation planning is a core service of H&A and our team have completed many programmes guiding a significant amount of companies and sectors through the mine field of issues identified by what is a very complex subject which is constantly changing. H&A has a phased process of implementation which includes:

  • An announcement from a senior person in the company stating the need for the programme
  • Announcing an amnesty period start date
  • The appointment and identification of an implementation team
  • The training of the implementation team and relevant individuals who will champion the programme
  • The immediate delivery of an Employee Assistance Programme for those employees who wish to self-refer, during the amnesty period and beyond
  • A consultation process
  • The fine tuning of a bespoke policy from a template provided by H&A
  • Provision of a variety of test equipment with relevant collection and chain of custody training
  • Poster and information campaigns

There are other areas of consideration within all of the above phases, at H&A we will guide you through the process or manage it in its entirety for and with you.

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