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Workplace Substance and Alcohol Misuse / Abuse Project Management

Any client’s Substance & Alcohol Misuse / Abuse testing programme requires that the company's implementation team are properly identified, consulted, trained and steered toward providing all employees with a package that is legally defensible, while at the same time being able to deal with the complex subject of misusing prescribed or illegal drugs, alcohol and other addictions or misuse / abuse situations. The manner by which the company policy is enforced should reflect a balance between sensitivity toward the immense issues of addiction or dependency as well as a zero tolerance in certain situations.

  • H&A will manage and deliver a complete substance & alcohol misuse / abuse project across all disciplines within a specific time frame and budget to an agreed implementation date. We will then work closely with you throughout the life of the programme
  • Whether clients have single site or multiple site operation(s), national or international, the goal of Hall & Angus is to allow the employer to protect its business and its employees
  • Compliance with a wide variety of civil & criminal legislations is paramount to a complete service including the protection of company executives and board members.
  • At H&A we advise all companies to have included within their Substance and Alcohol Misuse / Abuse Policy access to all types of Test Mediums. This greatly enhances their ability to manage their Substance and Alcohol Misuse / Abuse Programme under a variety of complicated situations.
  • H&A will write your policy and update it as and when new legislation is introduced or new scientific developments are brought to market that warrant inclusion into a company programme that is constantly and intelligently monitored
  • Policy development will best reflect the chosen test mediums and enhance the practical use to the benefit of the company within mandatory amnesty periods

We have use the services of most market providers within drug & alcohol testing and analytical services in the UK, Europe and the USA. Unlike single source providers H&A will procure and manage the complete package on your behalf we will:

  • Risk assess your business operation(s) to ensure the programme you require is effective, achievable, meets the requirement of the employer who values its employees, contractors and visitors to the business
  • Examine and report on your workplace culture by opinion / perception / belief and attitude to management initiatives or strategies.
  • Identify the positives & negatives within your business and present innovative solutions to enhance positives while eliminating negatives
  • Create, manage and report the Employee Assistance Programme in its entirety while maintaining all levels of confidentiality
  • Ensure appropriate and proportionate interventions for employee’s mental health, physical wellbeing & support to achievable monitoring / rehabilitation programmes or enrolment into an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
  • Provide clinical interventions during and post amnesty periods via our associate occupational health provider
  • Provide your policy writing, implementation & modernisation service which captures the important key areas of employee wellbeing referenced to business activity
  • Provide alcohol testing equipment for company use, personal use of employees or attachment to company vehicle ignitions transmitting information via sim card or smart phone technology
  • Support or attend shift meetings & consultations with implementation teams & employees outlining the understanding of the company programme including Q&A reporting
  • Acquire the stock of chosen test equipment, chain of custody documentation / packaging and shipping agents, ensuring all providers are ready for the company D&A programme implementation day
  • Advise and examine T&C's of employment with regard to prescribed medication and statutory declarations into contracts of employment
  • Create all pre & post-employment protocols including the signing of consent documents for pre & post-employment substance & alcohol misuse / abuse and related situations
  • Monitor the supply chain providers into the company programme and ensure T&C's / KPI’s / Service Level agreements are met and where possible over achieved at no extra cost
  • Provide in-house awareness training for employees and management
  • Provide training of Designated Employee Representatives (DER’s) for in-house rapid response collections & strategies with regard to specified incidents. Where independent collections or other collection programmes are required we ensure that providers respond quickly and professionally
  • Ensure support is made available to single or multiple sites 24/7 including monthly and quarterly reporting of test statistics, this includes the specialist service from H&A for analysing test results and providing intelligence driven countermeasures
  • Provide a variety of services from the D&A programme to provide on and off site support to employees and their families. This type of optional initiative works very well and develops loyalty to the company which in many cases will have invested a significant sum in employee development
  • Provide you with the preparation of printed material, poster campaigns and more. Each campaign being an employee led initiative
  • Help you identify the creation of a role / job specific assessment so that staff in key or high risk positions can prequalify as well as re-qualify with a 90-day substance & alcohol abuse history supported by either a physical / mental health assessment or both
  • Assist you in approaching insurers to negotiate reduced premiums and mitigate insurance premiums or incidents that require a specialist investigation report or the provision of an expert witness
  • Help and guide you toward new or higher health awards
  • Provide commercial forensic support to a variety of drug or criminal activities within company operations, including identifying & mitigating organised crime infiltration / activity
  • Provide confidential whistle-blowing protocols and confidential methods of seeking employee treatment support programmes

Our project management of Substance & Alcohol Misuse / Abuse Programmes is developed for sector specific requirement as well as locally agreed arrangements between the company and relevant unions or works councils. National and international laws are applied where required.

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